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XB-116 按摩枕

Products Name: Bone massage pillow
Packing : 
Outer Box Size : 24*18.5*7.5 cm


Item Description :

1.Control mode mechanical

2.power supply mode battery 6 modes .

3. Heavy, continuous and unchanged.

4. Remassage - stop massage and change alternately.

5. Massage the weight alternately and change alternately.

6. repeat mode 1234. Each mode takes about 3 seconds.

7. Repeat mode 12345, each mode for about 45 seconds.

8. Flexible and multiple using for different parts such as neck, lumbar, leg.

9. It can be suitable for car, home and office use.


1. Eliminate fatigue and strengthen body immunity

2. Improve neurasthenia

3 .Relieve pain

4.Release tension and relax muscle stiffness

5.Relieve neck stiffness

6.Increase oxygen supply to head, relieve headache

7 .Infrared heating helps to accelerate blood circulation and improve anemia, Balance endocrine system and help to improve skin's springiness